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  1. Weather. Drones are fair-weather aircraft. Generally the things that may cause rescheduling a flight are wind gusts gusts that are too strong, rain, snow or mist, visibility of less than 3 statute miles, clouds less than 600-1,000 ft above the ground, ambient temperature greater than 100F and ambient temperature less than 32F. The limitations are part regulatory and part my own limitations to ensure a safe flight.
  2. Airspace limitations. Some airspace is prohibited and under most circumstances, I cannot easily get a waiver. Some airspace is controlled and I can generally get approval to fly there almost on the spot. Some airspace is temporarily prohibited at certain times such as near major sporting events or around visiting VIPs (or even near Chinese balloons being shot down!).
  3. Prohibited sites. Some sites are considered critical infrastructure and without special permission need to be avoided. These include dams, cell towers, and things like prisons and federal buildings. Common sense also says that I will avoid flying, without good reason, over, or hover around any things that some might think are sensitive.
  4. Flight over people. Drones are not currently permitted, except some specific circumstances, to fly over exposed people, or people in moving vehicles. In my work I will endeavor to avoid flying over people.
  5. Local regulations. Some localities and areas (such as state and federal parks) prohibit taking off or landing in certain areas. Since the FAA controls anything in the air, they can’t prohibit flying over any areas (except as regulated by the FAA.) Again, common sense dictates that I will avoid flying where someone doesn’t want it.
  6. Line of sight. Drone pilots must remain within line of sight of the drone so that limits operations to about 1,500 feet.
  7. Other stuff. Regulations in this business are rapidly changing and many of these limitations may get more strict or more relaxed.

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