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Your Business Can Use Aerial Imaging

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Construction Site


From tracking construction progress, to 3D modelling, to measuring stock piles, aerial imaging can greatly benefit your construction work and minimal cost.

Real Estate

What better way to show off a property than from the air. Getting a perspective on the property and what surrounds it can attract and inform your clients.

Overhead Golf Hole Image

Golf Courses

Golf courses can be beautiful places, but they really shine when seen from the air. In addition, 3D modeling can provide greens contours and even help you estimate areas for treatment applications.


A roof can be a dangerous place, so why send someone up on the roof when roof inspections and measurements can be done from the air?

Aerial Imaging Products

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3D Models

Using aerial photos taken in a prescribed pattern over a site, we can use photogrammetry to generate a 3D model.  This model can be manipulated on a computer to zoom in or view any angle, as well as to make measurement estimations.


By taking hundreds of photos from directly overhead while moving the drone slightly each time, these photos can be combined using a computer to provide an incredibly detailed image of a property.  


4K, HDR video you can use to tell your story, or examine detail for your inspection work and documentation needs.  Tracked overlays titling can also be provided as well as the other video editing that you need.


20 Megapixel, HDR beautifully, detailed images that you can use for promotion, sales, inspections, or progress tracking.


Leveraging the tools of  orthomosaics and 3D models we can provide measurement estimates for most anything you can see from the air, from the volume of stock piles on a construction site to the area of your golf coarse fairways for application estimates.

Please Note: We can only provide estimates and are not certified surveyors.  If your work requires a surveyor, you need to contact a licensed professional.


Nothing shows a property, building, or other location more dramatically than an aerial panorama.  Panoramas can be created over most any location. Viewers can control the view and zoom into details as they need.  They can include hotspots to provide more info or to link to a website or page.

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