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Roof Inspections

Roof inspections, and material estimates are a key part of a roofer's business.  The problem is, these inspections take time, require the customer to be home, and can be a safety and liability risk to your business.  They also use the time of your experienced personnel, and can be a bottleneck to getting business.

Aerial roof inspections using modern drones can eliminate these problems.  Simply order the inspection and get the images and data you need to quickly generate a quote for the customer without inconveniencing them.
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Images from all perspectives that you can use to evaluate the roof and communicate with the customer.

Closeup HDR Detail
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HDR Roof Detail_edited.jpg


Closeup HDR detail photos can be provided to help you further evaluate the roof by examining penetrations that may be the cause of current or future leaks.  Also a big plus to help communicate with your customer.

HDR photos allow you to see details in areas that normally would be in shadow and hard to interpret.

3D Model

Dozens of aerial images are used in a process call photogrammetry to generate a 3D model of the building's roof.

Dimensional Estimates
Roof Measurement.jpg

Using the 3D Model, dimensional estimates are generated.  Estimates can include area estimate and pitch for each roof section.  You can use that to provide accurate quotes.


Pricing info coming
or request a quote.


Pricing info coming
or request a quote.

** While Middle Tennessee Aerial Imaging can provide aerial data collection, we do not provide licensed surveyors, nor interpret survey grade information.  For projects where exact measurements are important, you should rely on a licensed surveyor.  Middle Tennessee Aerial Imaging can gather and provide data in cooperation with your surveyor, but our data does not replace the need for a licensed land surveyor.

* Pricing may vary depending on building size, complications due to surroundings, access to the building,
and other factors.  
Final pricing will be in the services agreement.  There is a $100 minimum for all projects, with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

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