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Golf Course Services

Golf courses can be wonderfully scenic places.  What better way to attract customers than to show off it's beauty from the air.

In addition you can use a number of aerial imaging products to document details about your course or highlight amenities or other areas of your business.
Aerial Photos
Southwest Corner Shot.jpg

Aerial photos can be used on web sites, on literature or other documents for your customers, investors, or the public.

They are great to show an overview of your course, it's relation to your surroundings, or details of your property and amenities.

Orthomosaic Images
Full Course Fast Ortho Transparent_edited.png

Like a satellite map, only a lot better.

It is much higher resolution than most satellite images available to the public.  Typical resolution better than a few inches.

These can be used for poster-sized course maps, web graphics, and hole summaries for just a few examples.

Hole-by-Hole Example White.png

Using the orthomosaic graphic and photos, we can produce other graphics such as this standard hole summary you can use on your web site and other documents.

We can also produce images that you can sell in your pro shop!

Hole Flyover Photo_edited.jpg

Perhaps the best way to show off your course is with video.

Hole-by-hole flyovers show the detail of the course and the hazards.

Other video can show off what you want customers to focus on whether it is particularly interesting holes,  or amenities such as the clubhouse, driving range or swimming pool.


Static Photos

Single photos:


Course Orthomosaic Image

9 Holes:

18 Holes:



Summary Graphic
(Requires Orthomosaic Image)

9 Holes:

18 Holes:




Focus Video (single amenity or area.)

Single video:

Raw $125, Annotated $140

Hole Flyover

9 Holes:

18 Holes:



Single Hole:

Annotated Hole Flyover
(Requires Hole Flyover)


9 Holes:

18 Holes:




9 Hole Package: $1,000


  • Orthomosaic Image

  • Summary Graphics

  • Annotated Hole Flyovers

  • 1 Focus Video

  • 1 Static Photo

$1,240 value​

18 Hole Package: $2,000


  • Orthomosaic Image

  • Summary Graphics

  • Annotated Hole Flyovers

  • 2 Focus Videos

  • 2 Static Photos

$2,250 value

* Pricing may vary depending on course layout, complications due to surroundings, access to the course,
and other factors.  
Final pricing will be in the services agreement.  There is a $100 minimum for all projects, with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

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