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Construction Services

Constructions projects, from the simplest single-family home, to large industrial or commercial buildings, can best be seen, presented, and monitored from the air.

Aerial photos and videos can show a single-family home customer how the build is progressing over time, especially if they are located nearby.  This can build their confidence in the builder and simplify communication.  Giving them a progression video or series of photos can be added value your construction business can provide.

For larger projects, the expansive site can be better tracked and monitored from the air.  You can see details and issues you wouldn't see from the ground.  With investors often far from the site, it's a way to keep them informed and build confidence and communication.
Basic Images
Construction Photo.jpg

Basic aerial photos can be used for most any monitoring, auditing, or communication purposes.

These can be augmented with basic video to show a broader expanse of the construction site and give a sense of perspective and scale not available with photos.

Orthomosaic Images
Construction Ortho.jpg

Orthomosaic images are like satellite images but can be done when you need them and with a much higher resolution.  These can be used for things from auditing the construction site to communicating progress to distant stakeholders. 

3D Model

3D models of the site can be used for communication internally or with the customer, or to make measurement estimates of various aspects of your site.

Progression Videos

Sample Coming Soon

Videos that seamlessly show the progression of your construction project can be a big value-add for your customer.


Basic Photos

Site photos, 8 views:


~50 Acres


Basic Video

~100 Acres


Orthographic Maps

~50 Acres:

~100 Acres:




3D Model

~50 Acres:

~100 Acres:



Dimensional Estimates**
(Requires 3D Model)


Call to arrange package pricing.

The prices listed on this page are a general guideline for reference.  Each construction job can be very different and your job can cost more or less than listed depending the combination of products needed, the location and size of your project, obstructions, and other factors.  Please use the contact link so we can work out what your job will entail.  If you have a KML file or plans available for your site, those can be very helpful moving forward in planning the work to capture your images.

** While Middle Tennessee Aerial Imaging can provide aerial data collection, we do not provide licensed surveyors, nor interpret survey grade information.  For projects where exact measurements are important, you should rely on a licensed surveyor.  Middle Tennessee Aerial Imaging can gather and provide data in cooperation with your surveyor, but our data does not replace the need for a licensed land surveyor.

* Pricing may vary depending on site layout, complications due to surroundings, access to the area,
and other factors.  
Final pricing will be in the services agreement.  There is a $100 minimum for all projects, with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

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