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Basic Aerial Imaging Services

Beyond services focused on specific businesses, Middle Tennessee Aerial Imaging can provide basic services such as photos, videos, and inspections.

If there's something you need aerial photos or videos of, or you have something not accessible from the ground that you need to inspect, you can use the pricing listed below as a guide, but contact us if you need something we might be able to help with and haven't listed or thought of.


Basic Photos

20MP, HDR Photos:

$100 for the first, $25 each additional.

4K Video, up to ~5 minutes of video:


Basic Video/Inspections

Video Editing Services: 

Orthographic Maps

Up to ~50 Acres:



3D Model

Up to ~1 Acre area:

Up to ~50 Acres:




Contact us to arrange package pricing.

* Pricing may vary depending on complications due to surroundings, access to the area,
and other factors.  
Final pricing will be in the services agreement.  There is a $100 minimum for all projects, with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Middle Tennessee Aerial Imaging endeavors to provide deliverables on a timely basis.  Due to the nature of aerial imaging work, there are many circumstances outside our control that can delay or prevent some, or even all, of this work.  These circumstances include things like weather, equipment malfunctions, FAA issued flight restrictions, air traffic, local regulations, interference of bystanders, and other safety considerations.  We will attempt to communicate any of these limitations as soon as practical.

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